• A brief introduction to the domain and praxis of drama applications in Taiwan 综述台湾应用戏剧的范畴与运作情况


  • The development of music therapy research in China: a systematic review 中国音乐治疗研究的系统回顾

  • The Tao of POIESIS: Expressive arts therapy and Chinese philosophy 创造之“道”:表达性艺术治疗与中国哲学



Who should subscribe? 订购对象


CAET targets institutions and individuals specialized or interested in the following areas:

  • Creative arts eduction 艺术教育
  • Creative arts therapy 创造性艺术治疗 (Art therapy, dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, poem therapy etc)
  • Psychology, psychotherapy 心理学,心理治疗
  • Chinese studies 中国研究
  • Asian studies 亚洲研究
  • Anthropology 人类学
  • Cross culture studies 跨文化研究


CAET publishes 2 issues per year in spring and winter respectively.

Each journal has about 140 pages with 10-12 articles.

ISSN: 2451-876X (print)

Publisher: Quotus Publishing (Berlin)

Rights holder: Inspirees International BV (Delft)

As the first journal of its kind in the world, we expect CAET to become an important source in the research on the creative arts education and therapy in China.


A cross-disciplinary international journal focusing on China with unique perspectives from both the East and the West. 一个跨学科的国际学术期刊,聚焦中国,独特的东西方视角


How to order? 如何订购


You can order via Quotus Publishing, Germany:


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