Creative Arts in Education and Therapy — Eastern and Western Perspectives《创造性艺术教育与治疗-东西方视角》

An international academic journal for research and practice 国际英文学术期刊

Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (CAET) – Eastern and Western Perspectives is an international journal for artists, educators and therapists, who use and integrate creative arts in their work. The focus is on reporting and discussing perspectives, theory based application and practical results between the West and the East - particularly China and its neighboring cultures. The journal supports cross-disciplinary dialogue, cooperation and research between creative arts (creative writing, dance/movement, drama, film, music, and the visual arts) and education, therapy, psychology, medicine, and other related fields. CAET invites research articles, case reports, program descriptions, position papers, interviews, and conference reports relevant to the field. We also welcome books for review consideration. Manuscripts are subject to a peer review process before being accepted and published. Contributions are to be in English and will be published with bilingual abstracts: English and Chinese. CAET publishes 2 issues per year in both print and online versions. The journal will be widely distributed to academic and professional libraries, as well as individual professionals in China and the world. As the first academic journal offering a China focus to the international development of the creative arts in education and therapy, we expect CAET to become an important source in furthering global communication and cooperation.


《创造性艺术教育及治疗-东西方视角》(简称CAET)是一本针对将创造性艺术使用并整合到工作中的艺术家、教育人士和治疗师的国际性期刊。其着重点是对西方和东方(特别是中国及其周边文化)视角、理论和实践应用的报道和讨论。期刊致力于支撑创造性艺术(舞蹈、戏剧、音乐,创意写作、绘画及视觉艺术等)与教育、治疗、心理学、医学和其它相关领域的跨学科对话、合作和研究。我们欢迎来自全世界的专家及学者踊跃投稿。我们收录的文章包括项目或课程介绍,科研文章(包括案例研究和其它基于艺术形式的实践研究),以及以中国为主的艺术教育和治疗方面的活动报道。相关的专业书籍也欢迎提交进行书评。所有的稿件都必须经过双盲同行评审。文章全文为英文并配有中英文摘要。本刊每年两期,以纸版及网络版出版并在中国及世界范围内向学术和专业图书馆以及专业人士发行。 作为第一本在创造性艺术教育和治疗领域以中国为焦点之一的国际学术期刊,我们相信CAET将成为加强全球学术和文化交流与合作的重要资源。

Words from Founder



Dr. Tony Zhou, Founder


The bottlenecks I encountered in scientific research suggested that the insights I sought could not be provided by hard science alone which is more mind oriented. When we engage the arts and embodied experience, we are creating more possibilities for understanding ourselves and the world, and for answering many questions, including scientific ones. So I see the value of the arts not only in performances by arts professionals but also as an essential element of life for every human being as well an indispensable counterpart to science -- just like the Yin and Yang we need to make a good balance. This is my fundamental motivation for establishing the journal.

Words from EiC



Prof. Shaun McNiff, Editor-in-Chief


As an advocate for a deeper appreciation of this common humanity I have always celebrated understanding and respecting different traditions that move like rivers toward and from the source that holds their ongoing changes. My work with the arts also affirms the endless differences in individual expressions, manifestations of our unique creative DNA and biodiversity. I miss this deeper sensibility in our current Western studies of culture where more attention needs to be given to how the arts both individuate in the most radical ways while also uniting in communion with all people and living things.

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